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Rowin Portable Guitar Effect Pedals

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Rowin Portable Guitar Effect Pedal Bluesy Compressor Distortion Overdrive Tuner Chorus 9V 1A Adapter 10 Ways Pedal Power Supply

Brand Name: LOWIN
Type: Effects
weight: 300g
Plug Type: NONE
Effect: Noise Gate Guitar Pedal
Material: Zinc Alloy
Adapter: DC 9V
Brand: Rowin
Brand: Amuzik
Effect1: Tuner Delay Bulesy Overdrive Power Supply EQ Fuzz Chorus Flanger Phaser Heavy Metal Distortion Compressor
Effect2: Guitar Pedal Power Supply
Effect3: DC 9V adapter
Effect4: Classic overdrive guitar pedal
Effect5: guitar effect pedal
Effect6: Guitar pedal
Effect7: Delay Guitar Pedal
Effect8: Fuzz Guitar Pedal
Effect9: Tuner Pedal
Effect10: Heavy Metal Distortion Pedal
Effect11: Guitar EQ PEDAL
Effect12: Bass EQ Pedal

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