About Us

Elite Apparel Products started out in digital services and as we began working with different independent performers, creators and influencers, a common theme revealed itself; most of them found it onerous to manage their craft while simultaneously managing an online merchandise store, inventory, customer inquiries, order fulfillment and keeping the designs up to date.

This made it difficult for fans to find merchandise stores for their favourite artists and performers and even when they did have an online presence, many items were often unavailable or sold out.

Our solution was simple; create a space where independent acts can upload designs to one website and help them manage their merchandising needs with solutions such as print-on-demand, order picking, packing, and shipping as well as warehousing special or custom items including worn clothing or signed memorabilia. Having this partnership would allow these performers to continue working on what they do best while our team helps to promote engagement with their fans and expand their earning potential.

And so, Elite Merch Warehouse was born! Performers can easily submit designs and have their merchandise managed for them while their fans experience incredibly fast turnaround times, notifications on in-stock items as well as excellent customer service. With over 350 products that can be added to the store within 24 hours, we are always able to offer fresh merchandise that is as unique as each individual artist!

Our goal is to support as many independent artists and performers as possible and offer their fans high quality products, fast turnaround times and a great customer experience.

We are Elite Merch Warehouse.